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Welcome to lesleyboyd.com!  The vision of this prototype site is to provide a collection of resources, knowledge and insight into the challenges of implementing pro-active quality improvement initiatives in the African context.   The site will aim to use eLearning tools and techniques to empower individuals and groups to take responsibility for their own quality management practices; balancing this imperative with an ever-evolving dialogue on how to assure external stakeholders about quality. The emphasis will be on sharing experiences, reflections and practical stories, reflecting how to achieve real quality improvements in people based environments - such as service businesses, education and training. 

Initially the site will be a reflective e-portfolio of my own experiences and case studies - developed over fifteen years in implementing quality improvement projects in both South Africa and the UK.  Over time I intend to build up other contributions and reflections to promote dialogue and understanding between African, European and other contexts.

Ultimately my aim is to achieve the following:

  • demystify the terminology and concepts related to quality management, systems and process thinking 
  • promote sharing and relationship building between individuals in Africa and elsewhere on quality issues recognising the unique contribution that the African context may make
  • demonstrate the application of effective eLearning techniques to learning about quality management and the application of some quality management techniques to eLearning
  • promote cross-fertilisation of ideas and insights on quality issues between commercial and educational contexts
  • illustrate the possibilities of providing resources and capacity building in a 'by Africa for Africa' approach without requiring extensive donor funding. 

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