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eLA 2007 Nairobi

I presented at eLearning Africa 2007 in Nairobi, Kenya with a presentation entitled Using Systems and Process Thinking to Design Internal Quality Management Practices for eLearning.

The presentation describes a successful implementation of quality management techniques to the instructional design process, using the theoretical background of systems and process thinking. The case study, at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, is published in the CEN/ISSS European Good Practice Guide for quality approaches in eLearning, and is also recorded in the European Quality Observatory.  It involved the implementation of a formal, online, process-based quality management system (QMS).  The following files are available:
Presentation abstract including a description of the most important factors in implementing the quality approach and the detailed objectives of the online QMS: eLA 2007 Presentation Abstract.pdf (69 KB)

Full colour animated presentation: eLA 2007 Presentation.ppt (886 KB)

Full colour pdf version: eLA 2007 Presentation.pdf (472 KB)

I also plan to include notes pages to further explain the learning points, and make these available in black and white.


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eLA 2007 Nairobi
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